Monday, February 21, 2011

Virtual home Vs Real home

Hey guys!
I didn't have a topic ready for the post today, so I thought I'd do something I haven't done before. I know there are a lot of book bloggers & writer bloggers following The Lit Express. So I want to post something you both might enjoy seeing!

First, tell me if you agree. Blogs are like a virtual extension of the blogger's brain and home. We welcome you into this virtual home, offer you a little entertainment and good company. You have stepped through a porthole in your home to get to our virtual space. Well, are you ever curious what lies on the other side of The Lit Express? What real world space do we, the writers, pass through to step into this virtual one? I'm going to show you. (I'm going to show you 1 other end. As you know there are 4 contributors here!)

Rane's Workspace
I live at this desk. This is where I enter the porthole to get to this blog, and yours. The abundance of desk space is why I purchased it. Thanks IKEA!

My bookcases
These were actually my grandmother's bookcases, passed down to my mother, then to me. I love having them in my house. The books are a little disheveled at the moment. In the book case on the left, the top row consists of my all time FAVORITE books. The books with white spines are historical romance novels written by Georgette Heyer, and next to the are all of Madeline Brent's romantic suspense novels. I love romance novels written in the 70s and 80s. They were a little more wholesome back then.

Sorry the pictures are a little grainy! I took them with my iPhone. So do you recognize any books? You may or may not.  Many of them were purchased while I lived in Australia, so they probably have a different spine than you're used to seeing. I hope you enjoyed this quick virtual tour!