Review Policy

In affect as of March 2011.

Why we review books
The Lit Express isn’t exclusively a book blog. Sure, we all love to read, but we’re also fiction writers here. That might make our perspectives a little different from other book bloggers. Of course, we love to read for the fun of it. But we also read in order to grow as writers, to absorb all we can from the published pros. Sometimes, our reviews are light and fun. Other times, they have a more critical slant. We’re not professional book reviewers, but it is our passion to study literature and pinpoint what works and what doesn’t work in a story.

We are honest in our reviews. Just because we don’t care for a book—or aspects of a book—doesn’t mean there aren’t 101 people who love it.

Thank you for taking a peek at our review policy!

Are we accepting review copies?
You bet we are! You can send your requests to:


We can’t guarantee that we will write a review of every book we receive, but we will do our best.

Types of books we accept 
We love all young adult fiction, but we prefer young adult: fantasy, paranormal, romance, historical fiction, and contemporary fiction.

Giveaways, Interviews & Guest Posts
We’re up for all three. Just contact us with details, and we’ll try to work something out.

We do not receive payment for any reviews that appear on this blog. All summaries included in our reviews are taken either from, the actual book,, or the publisher’s website.