Thursday, February 24, 2011

Book Cover HELP

Hello and good day to you! So here is Ashley Stewart's (the artist I'm collaborating with for WHO IS SAINT GIOVANNI?) sketch of the cover for my novel. We've gone through several drafts, and this is what we've settled on for the moment.

Are you confused? Do you not know what this "Who Is Saint Giovanni?" thing is all about? Never fear, by clicking THIS link, all your confusion will disappear. :-) <yeah, I'm corny, but already knew that lol>

She's awesome, right?? She's going to be painting it, of course, and we might be adding some photoshop special effects, so this is a rough draft of the cover, really. But I need your help, friends!

Now look at where I had planned to have the text added:

Imagine it in color. If you're a little curious about the big round thing behind his head, it's a halo, which I think will become more clear once it's in color.

My question to you:
Does this draw you in? Do you have any suggestions? Honestly, you won't be hurting my feelings or Ashley's by stating what you think could be improved.

Here is another cover idea:

How does this compare to the one above? I WOULD LOVE and be IMMENSELY appreciative of ALL suggestions. Thanks guys. You know I love you :-)