Friday, November 12, 2010

Self Censorship

I take things too seriously (in all aspects of life, probably), and I think that calls for a change. From now on I will do none of the following:

1.(Save for blatant disrespect of others and myself) I will no longer censor what I write about. Creativity comes forth with freedom, not when the mind is shackled by self doubt. Somewhere...somehow...some way...I've grown up thinking that people have to watch what they say because it might *offend* someone or *hurt* someone's feelings or be *incorrect.* Usually, I only write with humble opinions that strip me of my personality and creative ideas. I look at the pieces I wrote as a child, a teenager, and an adult and find one thing: a lessening of imagination as I got older. Yes, I've become a better writer. I've become a damn good writer (in comparison, A DAMN, DAMN good writer....see the tiny censorship here. I have trouble writing I think I'm good at something without wondering whether humility is more important than being able to state something I truly believe in.)

2.I will no longer censor my stories just because I'm concerned the audience can't handle "gritty" plot lines. For 27 years old, I sure act as though I live 100 years ago where sex, drugs, violence were forbidden subjects for young ladies to talk about. I tend to want to shelter my readers knowing that they are impressionable teenagers. This is a bunch of crud. It holds back so much I can do in my story. My main character's voice isn't as authentic as it could be. My current re-write should rectify that. I guess I'm saying I need to snap out it. Get with the times. Stop censoring. The sought after stories are ones with CLEAR, AUTHENTIC, CONTEMPORARY voices. We live in a fast, hip culture where teens are exposed to the same themes adults are. I suppose if I want to uphold to my plan to set a good example for teen readers, instead of excluding controversial themes, I can portray them in a way that makes the readers see it in a certain light. Teen enlightenment or something like that.

Anyway, I guess this is my first official blog rant. Yay.


  1. *applause* Good for you! I'm glad you won't be censoring yourself anymore :)

  2. Thanks, Kristina! We have to do everything it takes to make our manuscripts as good as possible:-D

  3. Nice insight. Something to ponder about.