Thursday, October 28, 2010

Story in a Rush: Under the Bridge

I decided to participate in literary agent, Janet Reid's writing contest. The contest is to write a story in 100 words or less using these five words. Cullen, Paris, Loathing, Kids, and Temple. Here is my submission:

Under the Bridge

The Cullen drifts under a Paris bridge. The sunlight withdraws from Francois’ face slowly. There, as the sun’s glare diminishes, I see his loving expression, the one that helps me slip into peaceful dreams at night. Soon, it may not.

Francois shifts his weight forward to kiss me, but the Seine has other plans for us. A breeze disturbs the calm water. Our noses touch. He laughs, but I’m thinking of other things like praying in Temple with the other kids.

If I see a glimmer of loathing in his eyes, my heart will break.

“Francois, I am not Catholic.”


  1. I can picture the boat drifting into the shadows under the bridge. I can feel his lightheartedness in his laughter over the missed kiss, and her worry about the continuation of their relationship after he finds out she's from a different religious background. You really have a way with setting a scene. All in 100 words and easily incorporating the 5 given you.
    I'd like to read an expanded version, answering questions like "how did they meet," and "what happened after she told him."

  2. Thanks Linda! I think you're my number 1 fan. haha