Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Dear Kalina Kay....

Do you see that little space to your left? Its a little further down then our "grab our button" section. Keep going, wait, not quite as far as our "currently reading" list. YES! Right there, its a list of our followers! If you look closely, you will notice that we have over 400 followers!

It's amazing. It's like I blinked and all the sudden we had blog friends! How did that happen so fast? I'm not sure but I do know one thing: I want to give back to our friends!

Alyssa, Rane, Linda, and I love our blog friends! We are just so dedicated to the blog, to our book reviews, our chats, and everything in between. And we feel so much love from our friends on here. So... we want to give back to YOU. And there are two ways we are going to do that. (I feel a give-away coming on, don't you?)

First of all, I am starting a new post called Dear Kalina Kay.
For Example:

Dear Kalina Kay,
What is this new feature you are hosting on The Lit Express?
Can I be a part of it?

Where do I send my questions to?

Dear Confused,
I am so glad you asked! Dear Kalina Kay is a new feature that will be hosted on The Lit Express at least once a month, sometimes more. It's for our dedicated followers who have questions about books, authors, agents, writing, and everything in between! If you have a question and don't know the answer (or can't find the answer), that's what Kalina Kay will do for you. Sound simple enough? I hope so. Now, in order to submit a question, all you need to do is click on the "Contributors" list at the top, find Kalina Kay and her email is right by her picture. Submit your question via email and she will answer it!
Thanks for stopping by,
Kalina Kay

The second thing we want to do, to give back to our dedicated followers, is host another give-away.
Who wants a $15 gift card to Barnes and Nobles???
In order to enter, make sure you are a follower, and then submit a question to Dear Kalina Kay.
It can be fun, easy, hard, or anything inbetween. To make this easy, you can post your question in the comments section and I will use random.org to find our winner.

I can't wait to see what questions you come up with and I'm even more excited for our one lucky winner who will be announced next Wednesday. That's right... you have one week to enter. Good Luck!

Kalina Kay