Monday, February 14, 2011

Book Crazies (3) Thirteen Reasons Why

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I decided to practice a little bit more on my Vlogging skills. That last video I made sure took a lot of effort! I plan to post many more Vlogs, especially on the "Who Is Saint Giovanni?" blog. So I'm trying to get more camera friendly and loosen up a bit. Any feedback or suggestions are welcome!!
As you can see, I had a book crazies moment with Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher. is really a minor book crazies. Watch the video to see what I have to say!

Also, if you want to particpate in the book crazies/book lovelies memes...go for it! The more the merrier!!

*BY THE WAY: The song playing in the background is "Valentine" by Kina Grannis. Check it out on youtube by clicking here.*

Have you had any book crazies moments lately?

If you would like participate in this meme, please leave your link at the bottom of this post. Book Crazies is the "sister" meme to Book Lovelies. The two memes rotate every other week for variety!