Thursday, December 9, 2010

Our new YA slant

Hey folks,
So, not only has the layout for The Lit Express changed but so have my goals for the blog. Until now, I was writing on random topics and without much focus. Since I don't particularly like to air my writing projects and everything about them publicly, I found that a blog about me as a writer wasn't really working.

Instead, I've cooked up a plan to make this a blog about everything concerning Y.A. books from reviews to writing tips (w/a YA slant) to info about YA authors.

There's also an addition to our writing team, 2 additions, actually. Alyssa & Kalina will be regulars here! So, when their first posts arrive in your inbox, reader, dashboard reading list, or your DBIC (direct brainwave internet connection), please leave some comments to welcome them!

Hopefully, we'll get this rolling within the next few days and have some really great posts for you to read several times a week!

Some topic teasers:
Blast from the past: YA books published prior to the 1990's and earlier that are still relevant to teens today.
Book challenges
Writer's corner
"Queen of the teen scene" What are teens reading the most of? Why? This feature will also help authors strengthen the voices of their teen characters. What are teens thinking about? Teen interviews to remind YA authors what it's like to be a teen.
& more