Friday, December 10, 2010

Lucky to be alive!

Having an interesting day? No, you're not. This is an interesting day:About five minutes ago, I was minding my OWN business, working on my book, of course, until I smelled burning plastic. Well, guess what, it was!

Earlier, I had put the kettle on to make coffee and walked back into my office to do my work. After I smelled burning plastic, I rushed into the other room that was by this time FILLED with smoke. My dog was sitting by the stove staring up at the 3 foot flames, JUST SITTING THERE waiting to die (thanks dog!! you're smart!), and I screamed loud enough the whole neighborhood could hear me.

Why didn't one of the 10 smoke detectors go off? Seriously, this house has tons of them. I rushed to the sink and found a frying pan that was filled with water (thank god we're slobs who don't do our dishes lol {okay, not slobs, just reasonably lazy like normal people}). And not knowing what else to do, I poured it over the stove, watching the flames enlarge just before they were doused. Evidentally, I had turned on the WRONG burner, which I had idiodically left a plastic plate cover for the microwave on top of. Genius.

-Lucky to be alive, RANE