Monday, April 11, 2011

Who is Saint Giovanni? Giveaway WINNERS

Well, it's that time!! So many of you signed up to either win an ARC copy, host a WiSG? button on your blog/website, or post about this novel event.

Thank you.


Thank you.

This is an ongoing contest, although the chance to win an ARC is now officially over. (ARC winners will be selected at the end of this month!)

Is it too late to win stuff??? NEVER!!

It's not too late to sign up to host a button or post about this event. AND if you posted about the event a couple months ago, feel free to do so again and add your name to the list for a second time. There will be multiple drawings throughout this event and then, of course, you have a chance to win the grand prize: a kindle or nook! The more things you sign up for, the more chances you'll have to win the grand prize.

I hope you've enjoyed the preface and first chapter of WiSG? Congrats to the winners!

Oh yeah. The winners.
you each get a $15 giftcard to either amazon or the book depository

For posting a button:
Elizabeth from

For posting about the event:
GothMisfitjazz from

For signing up to win an ARC:
Lisa Smith

 I'll notify the winners via email shortly!