Thursday, February 3, 2011

Have you met your favorite author yet?

There are a few authors whose new books I automatically buy…and I call them my favorite authors. I also go on their websites and read everything they have to say…about how they began writing, where they get their ideas, how they became published authors and so on. Some of them are even on youtube. You’d think that would satisfy me, but no. There is nothing like meeting a favorite author in person.
Unfortunately, many of my favorite authors live in Washington, Texas, or the New England states. Oh, they do some traveling to appear at bookstores or libraries to promote their latest books and meet their fans, but not to my neck of the woods…or so I thought. I just found out my local library has had visiting authors for a while now. And I never knew!

April, 2010, Meg Cabot came to speak at the library and 200 people attended.
I noticed Alyssa is reading one of Meg Cabot’s young adult books--When Lightening Strikes. So I wondered if she has ever met Meg. Well, I missed that one, but last Thursday, I was thrilled to find out an author I have read and enjoyed was coming THAT NIGHT to the library! Here’s what happened…
I arrived an hour early (that’s what all the blogs say to do if you want a parking spot and a seat up front). There was a group of 3 already sitting in the front row. What a treat. We had all that time to discuss the author’s books and which ones were our favorites. The young lady next to me and I quickly bonded when we realized out of all the author’s books, we both especially loved the same one. By the time the evening began with some words from the mayor of the city (it’s a small city, one library) and the head librarian’s introduction of the author, there were more than 100 people filling the room.

In walked the creator of many well-written humorous, romantic novels. Wow, I thought, she looks just like her pictures and youtube video only better. She asked if there were any published authors in attendance, and one lady raised her hand to say she had just signed her first contract. I fleetingly thought about going over and shaking her hand with the hope that some of her luck would rub off.

The evening was really fun. The author gave out prizes to those who had come the greatest distances just to meet her and more prizes to military spouses. Others earned prizes as she read quotes from her books by being the first to announce the correct title. The prizes were related to themes from her newest book of which there were 25 copies available for sale. I have read most of her books but wasn’t able to connect a single title to any of the quotes! Well, that’s okay, because if she had been my all-time FAVORITE author, I am sure I would have known every single one of the quotes (right Rane?).

Then, the author asked for questions. Just think, you can ask that one question that you’ve been burning to find out the answer to, that none of the multitude of questions asked and answered on her website has ever addressed. Now is the opportunity. Will you take it? I think yes! And when I asked my question, she answered it with the same witty humor that I’ve loved in her writing. Last came the book signing. I haven’t received her latest book from Amazon yet, but I brought a couple of her older works which she graciously signed. She was as enthusiastically engaged in conversation and picture-taking from the first signed book to the last, an hour and a half later.

I’m hooked. There are two more authors lined up for the coming month. One is a young adult author and one a children’s author, and I’ll be there!