Thursday, February 17, 2011

E-Books or Traditional Paper?

Okay, I've heard all of the reasoning in favor of electronic books. They are lighter in weight, have an ability to enlarge the print and adjust the brightness, and can hold 3,500 books in the space of one. BUT (you knew that was coming) is there a benefit to holding a traditional book as you read, or to having it on your bookshelf?

I've heard people say they'd rather browse Amazon and order an eBook without leaving their home than browse in a bookstore or library. Others have argued that they’d rather feel the book in their hands, but aren’t they feeling the Kindle? Is there a difference for you? Is it comparable to the difference between sitting and talking in the living room with your friends versus seeing them on Skype. Webcam is great but not as satisfying as being in the same room.

Perhaps holding the real object in our hands IS meaningful, and that’s why finger foods are so popular. And, similarly, people may prefer to hold and read a traditional book. Is this true for you? Will there be room in our culture for both? Or do you think eBooks are the wave and traditional books the receding tide?

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