Sunday, February 6, 2011

Book Lovelies (3)

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What am I loving about the book(s) I tote around town and stash under my pillow at night? Stick around to find out. Don't forget to share what you are loving about your current reads!

All right my lovely blogger friends! Here's my confession: I've been way too busy to do any reading this week! <<this is where you gasp from utter astonishment, noting to self that one who does not find time to read must not be living a happy life at all!>> I'm having withdrawals from two really great books!

What are those two really great books I'm LONGING to read more of:
1. I must finish City of Bones (so close to the end!)
2. The Lit Express book club's choice for February: 13 Reasons Why by Jay Asher

What's lovely about reading 13 Reasons Why? Well, actually a lot of things. But this time, it has nothing to do with the book. For being a person who loves reading (and writing) so much, sometimes I don't know how it is I ended up marrying someone who doesn't like to read...ever. (Ah, okay...I know why...there's the love part and the part where he's so good looking and talented and...).

What I'm loving about 13 Reasons Why is that we're reading it together. <<I clear my throat>> That doesn't mean we each have our own copy. I mean, I'm reading it out loud to him before bed. Yes, I know, cute and corny all at the same time. The lengths I go to try to get him to read!

And as a side note,
And I don't know if this counts or not,
but it has to do with a book so I'm going to tell you anyway
Another Book Lovelies fact:

I'm truly....really....excited....happy.....overwhelmed.....bouncing in my seat....

to see WHO IS SAINT GIOVANNI? appear on this blog in weekly installments. I know, it's my own book, so does that count? Heck yes it does. Because Book Lovelies is about all the exciting/happy/lovely book moments/feelings you have about books!

Have you had any Book Lovelies moments lately?

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