Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Writers Toolbox: What Would Your Character Do?

For all our writers out there in the blogging universe, The Writers Toolbox is a monthly feature that spotlights awesome writing tools and resources to help you become a better writer!

This month, I chose one of my favorites: What Would Your Character Do? By Eric Maisel, PH. D.

Why is this book so awesome? Because not only does it give you 250 pages of 30 interactive quizzes to help you get to know your characters, but it ALSO helps you make fantastic three-dimensional characters. It draws out the psychological reasons why your characters do what they do as well as help you form traits and characteristics that make your characters seem like your best friend, (or worst enemy).

Easy to read chapters, lots of bullet points, and divided sections, make it possible for you to pick and choose which questions may pertain to your character and it even gives you some multiple choice answers in case you get stuck!

Here is a little teaser of questions they ask:
*Your character has a particularly vivid dream. How does she react to it?
*Your character is being stalked. What hidden aspects of your character's personality does this bring to the surface?
*Your character must give a speech before a large audience. What sort of public speaker is she?

Then, they break the question down into sections to help you better identify what your character would do. For example, let's say you picked this question: "Your character is invited to an elegant party. Is she excited? Nervous? What does she do to prepare for the event?"
Now, it breaks it down to smaller questions:
Will your character drink? What if she gets tipsy? Does she get in an argument with someone she doesn't like? Does she flirt? Is she a wallflower?
You get the picture...

After each question the book gives you several helpful things to consider to make realistic choices. It's a great book for any writer who wants to gain a better understanding of their characters, help beat writers block, or even think of new ideas!

Hope this helps someone as much as its helped me!

Kalina Kay